The Luna Sauna: A stylish, affordable, earth-friendly option to consider!

If you are looking for a sauna that will give you the benefits of traditional saunas with modern technology, then Luna Saunas are perfect for you. There is nothing better than having your own personal sauna in your home or workplace so that you can relax and enjoy all of the health benefits it has to offer. In this blog post, we will discuss a few of the notable features of a Luna Sauna!

Sauna Cambridge: Making The Most of Your Sauna at Home

The sauna is one of the most relaxing ways to unwind and rejuvenate. This natural and relaxing therapy form can help relieve muscle tension while also stimulating circulation and warming up your muscles before exercise. It’s so easy to spend time at home when you have a spa within your reach. But of course not everyone is able to visit a spa and enjoy a sauna session.

Apart from its relaxation and health benefits, there are many different styles, shapes, and sizes of saunas available for purchase that can add a touch of luxury to your home. Yes, you might be surprised with this thought. But it is now possible to enjoy the full benefits of a sauna at home. However, there are some things you should know about how to use the sauna safely and adequately. In this blog post, we will be discussing how you can make the most of your home sauna experience, from installation to maintenance.

What is a Sauna, and How Does it Work?

A sauna is a small structure or room that uses heat to help promote relaxation and health benefits. It’s important to note that saunas differ from sauna bathtubs, which are large tubs of water heated up by the sauna system. 

The sauna is heated by a stove sauna heater that burns wood, gas, or electricity. The sauna heater produces energy that’s transferred to the sauna’s stones via water. Once the sauna room heats up, it promotes sweating and releases toxins within your body in this sweat. With time going in and out of the sauna, bathers can experience a peaceful feeling through various physical benefits such as increased blood circulation and the release of endorphins.

A Brief History of the Sauna

The sauna is thought to have originated in Finland, and the sauna has been a part of Finland’s culture since ancient times. The saunas were used by early Finns as a place to live, cook, pray, sleep, and bathe. 

The sauna has been a source of relaxation and physical benefits for the Finns.  Unlike other cultures, saunas were used by everyone rather than just the rich or powerful.

In addition to physical benefits, saunas have also played spiritual roles in Finland’s past. There are records of saunas being places where people resolved conflicts between tribes that occurred long ago. In recent times, the sauna was an essential part of birth celebrations and death ceremonies called Saunalied (Song of Sauna).

Types of Saunas

There are two types of saunas: infrared saunas and traditional saunas. Infrared Saunas use high-intensity light bulbs to produce infrared rays, while regular saunas usually have an electric heater in them which causes steam.  Both infrared saunas and traditional saunas can help with improving your physical health as well as helping you relax. Both work through different mechanisms, but both can provide the same benefits.

Traditional Finnish Sauna with Steam

Regular saunas usually have steam showers and sauna panels in them.  The sauna panels help distribute the heat evenly throughout the room. They will last much longer than similar products because they’re made of a unique material designed to withstand extreme heat temperatures while remaining energy efficient.  The sauna panel is strong enough to withstand all of the weight that goes along with sitting on it, but it still has a soft surface that provides comfort to anyone who sits on them. The sauna panels also help distribute the heat far more effectively and can be easily cleaned.

The sauna steam shower packs have a handle attached to an arm that allows you to place it on the sauna panel in any position you need or want. You can take off the sauna pack to move it anywhere quickly without having to worry about damaging the surface of the sauna.  It allows for greater flexibility while also providing a relaxing experience throughout your sauna session.  The sauna panels come with powder coating, which protects them from rusting and makes sure that they look great and last long even after many years of use.

With regular saunas, there are two main benefits: relaxation and health benefits, although saunas help with other issues.

Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas also help with relaxation and provide many other health benefits as well.  The sauna panels for an infrared sauna are installed differently from sauna panels for regular saunas, and they emit far more significant amounts of heat than regular sauna panels do.  With infrared saunas, you’ll often see a temperature gauge that is set to between 90 – 110 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Infrared sauna panels provide high temperatures combined with the low humidity in the room helps your body sweat off all of the toxins it has stored while promoting weight loss at the same time.   

Benefits to using a sauna

Saunas can be highly beneficial for your health if used properly. Saunas are considered to be such a powerful healing agent that many medical centers around the world utilize them with patients who suffer from rheumatism or other similar conditions.  Saunas can help with:

– Body detoxification

– Weight loss and management

– Arthritis relief

– Skincare issues such as acne, eczema and psoriasis

The sauna experience is a very relaxing one.  You get to sit in a room that’s warm but not hot while it gives you a soothing feeling throughout your body.  In addition, saunas are used for treating people who have conditions like cardiovascular diseases. Likewise, saunas help manage these diseases’ symptoms by enhancing blood circulation and helping to lower blood pressure levels.

The relaxed state produced during the sauna sessions helps relieve pain too. Saunas provide relaxation through their heat therapy benefits and provide an opportunity to relax and clear your mind.

Cleaning your Sauna and Safety Precautions

Sauna cleaning is an essential part of sauna usage. A few things you should keep in mind when it comes to this process are that bacteria can accumulate on the walls, and sweat may start gathering after a while, so make sure these factors don’t stop you from using your saunas for their health benefits!

  • Wipe the sauna down with a damp cloth on occasion. 
  • Wipe off any excess sweat or dirt, and then dry everything up thoroughly afterwards.
  • Make sure to clean the area where steam is released too!
  • For deep cleaning sauna panels, mix some warm water with simple soap and apply it to sauna panels evenly until they’re nice and shiny again.  
  • Simply cleaning the surface won’t get your sink squeaky-clean. It is recommended that you wash down every inch of surfaces with soap or detergent mixed with water before rinsing them off thoroughly for an even cleaner feeling. 
  • Don’t forget about other areas like under benches, behind doors, and inside cabinets where towels are stored should be cleaned at least once per week!

Now, when it comes to sauna safety precautions:

  • Make sure not to use them if you have low blood pressure levels or any sauna that looks cheap and doesn’t have enough safety features.  
  • Never leave your sauna on without anyone inside.  To avoid burns, make sure to use saunas in places where you won’t be walking barefoot after using the sauna, but saunas can still cause a burn if they’re not used properly.
  • When sauna panels get wet, the sauna panel will rust.  It is why saunas are to be kept clean and dry at all times.  Humidity levels should always remain under 50% when using a sauna to prevent any issues from happening immediately after use or over time.

You can purchase a sauna cleaner online that helps you remove sweat residue without damaging the sauna panels themselves. There’s no need to worry about them getting damaged or worn down during cleaning sessions – always follow these instructions, and they’ll last for years!

Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Home Spa Experience

You must follow some basic sauna rules to get the full benefits of saunas. These simple tips can help:

  • Drink plenty of water before and after a sauna session – hot temperatures, such as those found in saunas, dehydrate our bodies very quickly, so keep yourself hydrated at all times. 
  • You may want to bring along a bottle of water with you when you sit down for your sauna session or make sure that you drink at least eight glasses of water per day regularly.
  • The saunas also help you sweat off toxins stored within your body for quite some time and help flush these toxins out – saunas are very effective for fighting common colds as well! They’re able to boost your immune system, too.  
  • If you want to avoid feeling drowsy after sauna sessions, it is recommended that saunas are only used in short bursts of time instead of staying inside saunas for an extended period.  It would be best to eat something light before entering the sauna as this will prevent you from being dehydrated or feeling nauseous while in there.  
  • When exercising in saunas, you must be sure to pace yourself appropriately to don’t overdo it and feel sick afterwards without realizing it due to dehydration.   Drinking water helps restore the fluids you have lost, so be sure to replenish them after sauna sessions or before sauna sessions if you’re going for a long sauna session.  
  • Remember, saunas aren’t meant to replace your workout routine and only work to help increase your overall health! If you follow these sauna tips, you can experience the benefits of saunas first-hand right in your home sauna, as well.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Saunas at Home

Q: What saunas are suitable for me?

A: There are plenty of sauna options available online so be sure to read sauna reviews before making your sauna purchase.  Touch saunas and infrared saunas have become popular recently, and each works in their particular ways.  With infrared saunas, you can expect to feel more energized after a session, and they’re often very suitable choices for those who live a busy lifestyle.  

Q: What saunas are best for detox?

A: The saunas have been used in Finland to enhance their overall health and wellness.  Saunas can even be found in some medical clinics, too.  The saunas work by making the heart rate go up and increasing blood pressure so that all of the toxins that are stored within our bodies will find themselves being released through sweat.  

Saunas aren’t meant to replace a regular workout routine or your daily diet plan – they only provide added benefits after you’ve already taken care of yourself.  If you’re looking for a sauna that is right for detoxing purposes, be sure to check sauna reviews for saunas that are rated relatively highly.  These saunas often provide infrared sauna benefits so your body can benefit further from sauna sessions.

Q: What are saunas like in Finland?

A: Saunas have been used widely in the Scandinavian countries of Finland, Sweden and Norway for many centuries; the Vikings even used them during their time!  Saunas also became a part of Finnish culture as Finns believed that sitting within saunas helped them cope with dreary winters by providing heat therapy.  

The modern-day sauna design originated out of Finland and has steadily become more popular year after year.    Saunas are now used worldwide for sauna benefits, sauna therapy and sauna pleasure.  Today, you can find sauna heaters or sauna rooms that can provide you with sauna comfort in your own home.


When it comes to saunas at home, there is no limit to what you can do; make sure that you’re using a sauna that is right for your unique needs so that you get even more out of each sauna session!  With an infrared or touch sauna unit from Sauna Cambridge, you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing sauna experience any time of the year, thanks to their pre-programmed modes and complete thermostatic control.  Don’t forget to sauna responsibly!

About the Author: Sauna Cambridge is a sauna company that provides saunas for sale in Canada, sauna heaters and more.  Their team prides itself on creating sauna solutions that are just what their customers need, and they have a wide selection of saunas available online with features that are certain to meet your needs perfectly.  For example, Sauna Cambridge saunas come with infrared sauna options as well as touch screen control panels so you can choose exactly which sauna best matches your style preferences and home décor.