CT Tranquility


The Ct Tranquility is a great value with this size: 2m x 3m with 45cm porch which is approximately 6’x9′ with 1.5′ porch. It’s made of canadian white cedar timber.We have two heater options. The Electric model is a 6 KW heater thats very convenient and efficient. We also offer a wood burning heater for those who prefer that over the electric. It’s great an off grid location, also that wood burning smell really adds to your sauna experience. This particular model fit up six people. So it’s a great choice for an all around sauna.

***NOTE: Heaters are not included in the price (due to multiple options). Please choose a heater thats best for your application.***

  • Options Price: C$0
  • Product Price: C$6,132
  • Total: C$0

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